Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 138


Greek text:   IMT_174   ( I.Ilion 5 ) ,   IMT_175   ( I.Ilion 11 )
Provenance:     ? Ilion , Troad
Date:   (A) late 3rd century ,   (B) early 2nd century B.C.
Tags:     games+festivals ,   leagues ,   loans+debts
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The primary purpose of the 'Confederation of Athena Ilias' was to organise festivals in honour of Athena at Ilion ( see SEG_53.1373 ). However, as inscription A shows, the arrangements for the festivals did not always run smoothly.   The role of the agonothetes at Ilion and elsewhere is discussed by Z.Papakonstantinou, "The Hellenistic Agonothesia: Finances, Ideology, Identities", page 99 ( ).

In inscription B, which was probably slightly later than A, the emphasis is on making a fresh start rather than imposing penalties. It is indeed likely that cities had failed to meet their obligations because of war or other crises, rather than through negligence.

[A]   When the agonothetes were Eupolemos of Ilion the son of Poseidonios, Lysis of Assos the son of Gynos, Metrothemis of Dardanos the son of Kleanaktides, Idomeneus of Lampsakos the son of Sphodriades, and Polykles of Parion the son of Apatourios, and the secretary was Asklepiodoros of Dardanos the son of Menios, at the Little Panathenaia; the agonothetes recorded the following as owing fines to the festival:

Those whom we have fined and have made an oath according to the law, we have recorded as owing fines to the festival.

[B]   . . . and the cities shall in accordance with tradition choose the other officials that ought to exist and shall send out whoever seems best to them. If there are any registers of debts or any debts recorded against the cities and the agonothetes and the those who have governed or managed any of the public tasks, who have made a delay in payment, these shall be cancelled and void. Those agonothetes who have not spent their money shall pay back the money that they received within the appropriate time. The cities shall send the customary amounts of money for one year; [there shall not be any exaction] of the other amounts from previous years, which are customarily paid each year but [the cities] suspended their payment . . .

inscription 139

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