Hellenistic Inscriptions: 129


Greek text:   IG_4.840 , IG_4.841
Date:   late 3rd century B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

These inscriptions refer to two different donations, but between them they show both parts of the process of setting up a privately funded foundation in a Hellenistic city: the deed of the donor defining the donation, and the decree of the city ordering the administration of it. The same two parts are evident in the regulations for the foundation that was set up by Epikteta in Thera at around the same time ( IG_12.3,330 ).

For a German translation of inscription A, see IG_4².2.1236. The translation of B is adapted from K. Harter-Uibopuu,"Money for the Polis", pp.125-6 ( ).

[A]   Gods.   With good fortune.   On these terms Agasigratis daughter of (?) Hagesias dedicated three hundred drachmas of silver to Poseidon, on behalf of herself and her husband Sophanes and her son Sosiphanes and her daughters Nikagora and Aristokleia.   From the balance of the money, they shall sacrifice a full-sized victim to Poseidon and a full-sized victim to Zeus Soter, establishing an altar by the statue of her husband Sophanes; and they shall spend the rest of the balance, making a sacrifice every two years on the seventh day of the month of Artemisios. The overseers who are appointed shall take care of the other matters as elegantly as possible, and whenever a sacrifice takes place they shall purify the statues in the exedra and they shall crown the statue of Agasigratis in the temple as elegantly as possible. And when they give an account of their expenses, they shall swear an oath that they have taken care of these matters correctly and justly.

[B]   {The first nine lines are too fragmentary to translate}   . . . [son of] 10 Thearichos.

In the year when Sophanes son of Poli... was treasurer, in the month Geraistios, the citizens resolved [regarding] the silver and the land that Agasikles and Nikagora dedicated to Poseidon. Two overseers shall be appointed who will lend out the money in shares of 30 drachmas upon the offering of bails and real securities that seem sufficient to the overseers. They will also lease the land with the consent of the assembly according to the common terms. 20 Having collected the interest of the silver and the rent for the land they will offer to Poseidon a full-sized sacrifice and to Zeus Soter a full-sized sacrifice, setting up the altar near to the statues of Agasikles and Nikagora at the council-house. They shall make the sacrifice every year as it is written in the stele and they shall take care of the rest excellently. On the first day after the offering they shall have auditors appointed and they shall render their account to the chosen auditors 30 on the following day and they shall swear by Zeus Soter that they did not embezzle anything. On the first day after the offering the overseers for the next year shall be chosen.

inscription 130

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