OGIS: 57


Greek text:   TAM_2.158
Date:   277 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Dittenberger was uncertain whether this and the following inscription belonged to the reign of Ptolemy II or Ptolemy III; but more recent scholars have consistently dated them to the reign of Ptolemy II. For a summary of the evidence for Ptolemaic rule in Lycia at this time, see A.Meadows, "The Ptolemaic Annexation of Lycia: SEG 27.929", page 467 ( ).

In the eighth year of the reign of Ptolemaios son of Ptolemaios, in the month of Artemisios, it was resolved by the people of Lissa, in full assembly: since Menekrates of Lissa, the son of Th..., has continually acted well towards the people of Lissa, it is resolved to crown him with a wreath of olive on account of his upright conduct and the goodwill which he has [continually] shown towards the people of Lissa, and to recognise him as a benefactor of the [people]. This decree [shall be inscribed on a stone] stele [and placed wherever he wishes] . . . shall complete this . . .

inscription 58

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