OGIS: 273 - 279


Greek text:   IvP_1.21 - IvP_1.25 , IvP_1.27 , IvP_1.28 , IvP_1.58 , IvP_1.35
Date:   c. 238-227 B.C.

Attalos inscribed this list of his battles on the large base of his victory monument in Pergamon; see, for instance, S.Mitchell in "A Companion to the Hellenistic World", p. 285 ( Google Books ). But the battles may have been in a different sequence from what is shown here.

[273]   King Attalos dedicated these thank-offerings to Athena from his contests in war.

[274]   [From the] battle in Phrygia by the Hellespont [against] Antiochos.

[275]   [From the] battle [by the] Aphrodision against the Tolistoagioi [and Tektosages] Galatians and against Antiochos.

[276]   From the battle near the source of the river Kaïkos against the Tolistoagioi Galatians.

[277]   From the battle by . . . against Lysias and the generals of Seleukos.

[278]   [From the] battle [near] Koloē [against Antiochos].

[279]   [From the battle by the Harpasos in] Caria [against Antiochos].

{ The two following inscriptions, found in Pergamon, also refer to these battles. }

[271]   King [Attalos] dedicated this to Zeus and Athena from the [battle] by the Harpasos in [Caria] against Antiochos.

[272]   [King Attalos] dedicated this to Zeus [and Athena] from [the battle . . .] against Lys[ias?] and the [generals of] Seleukos.

inscription 280

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