OGIS: 264


Greek text:   IvP_2.613
Date:   c. 117-138 A.D.
Tags:     historians+philosophers

Fragment A refers (mostly) to the "Revolt of the Satraps" against Artaxerxes II of Persia, in 362 B.C. Fragment B apparently refers to the ancestry of Philetairos, ruler of Pergamon 301-263 B.C; the mother of Philetairos was a Paphlagonian. Fragment C refers to the reign of Attalos II, king of Pergamon 159-138 B.C.

[A]   Archias [ordained that prytaneis] of the [city] should be chosen each year, and the first prytanis was [Archi]as and from him until the present there have continued [to be] prytaneis. Orontes son of Artasyros, a Bactrian [by race], after revolting from Artaxerxes king of the Persians, gained control of the Pergamenes [and] relocated them back to the hill in the old city; then Orontes handed over [the city] to Artaxerxes and died.

[B]   . . . married Anaxippe [and was the father of] Euippos; Euippos [married] . . . [and was the father of two] sons, Kylon and [. . .; and he had one daughter], Thersippe; [Thersippe was married to . . .], a Paphlagonian [by race, and bore . . .];and then . . .

[C]   Eumenes, having already shared h[is kingdom] with his brother Attalos [during his lifetime, upon his death] left the [kingdom to his son] Attalos, [with his brother Attalos] as his guardian; [his brother Attalos upon his death] returned the kingdom [to Attalos] son of Eumenes . . .

inscription 265

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