OGIS: 247


Greek text:   IG_11.4.1114 ,   IG_11.4.1113
Date:   187-175 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Inscription B (not included by Dittenberger) goes beyond the standard polite phrases that a king might use to describe one of his ministers. But despite receiving this uncommon praise, Heliodoros eventually murdered his royal master and foster-brother; see C.Habicht, "The Hellenistic Monarchies: Selected Papers", page 190 ( Google Books ).

[A]   This statue of Heliodoros of Antioch, the son of Aischylos, the foster-brother of king Seleukos Philopator, minister in charge of government affairs, was dedicated to Apollo by the warehousemen and ship-masters of Laodikeia-in-Phoenicia, on account of his goodwill and affection towards the king and his kindness towards them.

[B]   King Seleukos dedicated this statue of Heliodoros son of Aischylos - his foster-brother and minister in charge of government affairs, towards whom he has, and will continue to have, the same regard as for himself, because of his friendship and the justice that Heliodoros shows towards government affairs - to Apollo.

inscription 248

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