142 B.C. Olympiad 159.3

Consuls: L. Caecilius Q.f. Metellus Calvus, Q. Fabius Q.f. Maximus Servilianus
Athenian archon: (?) Micion

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1 PAL ?? Jonathan builds the first fortress on the site of Masada.
2 << Tryphon kills Jonathan the high priest.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
~1Macc_13'22-30; Joseph:BJ_1'49, :AJ_13'209-212, 20'239; [Euseb]:Chron_129; ChronPasc_447'A; Hieron:Chron_1876, !1879; Sulpit_2'25; ExcBarb_47A; ChronSynt_95;(↓)  { CAH_8'367; CAH_9'283.}
3 ROM Scipio Africanus is elected censor despite criticism from Ap.Claudius, a rival candidate.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Aem_38'3-6, :Mor_200'C-D, 810'B; { CAH_8'192; CAH_9'676.}
4 PAL {27 Iyyar -J = May} Simon wins fresh concessions from Demetrius, and the Jews are in effect freed from direct Syrian rule.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
+1Macc_13'33-42; Joseph:BJ_1'53, +:AJ_13'213-214; MegTaan_2'4; Sulpit_2'25; { CAH_8'367; CAH_9'283.}
5 LUS Servilianus arrives in Spain with two new legions, and repels an initial attack by Viriathus.
5a {1 July -R} Lucullus dedicates a temple to Felicitas.
* Read Strabo's account
#CIL_add.7'Jul1; Strab_8'381;(6.23)  DioCass_fr.76'2, 43.21'1; August:DeCiv_4'23.
5b EGY {Epeiph -E = July/Aug.} Document: BD_103A, a petition to Pancrates from Heracleides, an orphan.
6 SPA Cotius defeats a Celtiberian champion called ? Tyresius in combat, but then lets him go as a friend.
+[Liv]:EpOx_53'164-166;L  ValMax_3.2'21.
7 MAC The quaestor Tremellius defeats and kills another pretender to the Macedonian throne.
* Read Livy's account
~[Liv]:Per_53; +Obseq_22; ~Eutrop_4.15'1; { CAH_9'32.}
8 LUS Viriathus defeats Servilianus; the bravery of Fannius enables the Roman army to escape to Itucci.
* Read Appian's account
+[Liv]:EpOx_53'167;L  ~Appian:Hisp_67-68; +Obseq_22.
9 ROM C.Laelius is unsuccessful in consular elections.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Tusc_5'54, :Amic_77; ~Plut:Mor_200'B-C; { CAH_9'51; OCD_pompeius.}
10 PAL Simon renews the alliance with Sparta and Rome.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
~1Macc_14'16-24, 15'15-24; Joseph:AJ_13'227; Hieron:Chron_1881; Sulpit_2'26; Syncell_348; { CAH_8'368<141?>.}
10a EGY {18 Mesore -E = September} The dedication of the inner temple complex at Edfu.
AET_8.13'E. { Hölbl_p263.}
10b << Document: OGIS_130, a dedication to Egyptian/Greek gods by an association on the island of Setis.
11 AS1 {19 Audnaeus -M = December} Document: RC_65 (OGIS_331.2), a letter from Attalus to Athenaeus.
12 ROM == Mummius donates many statues and paintings, brought back from the sack of Corinth, to the cities of Italy.
* Read Strabo's account
CIL_1.626; Cic:Verr_2.1'55, 3'9, :Off_2'76; +[Liv]:EpOx_53'168-169;L  Strab_8'381;(6.23)  Plin:HN_33'149, 34'12, '36, 37'12.
13 == The censorship of Scipio Africanus and Mummius; Scipio speaks out against C.Licinius, but does not condemn him.
* Read Plutarch's account
Lucil_424-425; Cic:Clu_134, :DeOr_2'268, '272, :Rep_6'11, :Brut_85, :Acad_2'5; Liv_40.51'4; +FastCap_p70; ~[Liv]:Per_54; ValMax_4.1'10, 6.4'2; Plut:Mor_200'D-E; Gell_4.20'10, 5.19'15; DioCass_fr.76'1; [Vict]:VirIll_58'9;L  { CAH_8'183; CAH_9'60.}
14 == Scipio dedicates a temple to Hercules.
Plut:Mor_816'C; { OCD_h.}
15 == The censors introduce the first gilded ceilings in Rome, on the Capitol.
16 CIS == An outbreak of plague at Luna.
+Obseq_22; +Oros_5.4'8-11.

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